BB King, 6yr old gelding, Dressage

Super gorgeous horse and easy ride. Very, very sweet boy!

Sold to California (USA 2012) 


Dressagehorse by Olivi, 9yr old gelding

Very nice and comfortable schoolmaster. Great scores for exteding and easy changes. Shown at Z2-level (3th level)

 Sold to California (USA 2012)       

Amigo (Mermus x Naturel) 7yr old Jumper, gelding

Only a few weeks after he arrived at his new home in Las Vegas, we got the news that Amigo became first at the Santa Barbara Horse Show!!!

Sold to Las Vegas (USA 2012) 

Zhang Zai (by Polydox) 8yr old Jumper, mare

After becoming 2nd in North Carolina out of a hugh amount of entrees, Sophie and Zhang Zai won a 1.20m class. What a beautiful team, congrats Sophie!!    

Sold to Orlando, Florida (USA 2012)



Zimba II (by San Liberty) 8 yr old Dressagehorse, gelding

Very easy and supercomfortable schoolmaster!

Sold to Kathy Gallagher, Elite Equine Imports (USA 2012)


Umbra (by Welthit II) 11 yr old Dressagehorse, gelding

Wonderfull schoolmaster! Very comfortable and easy to ride. 2 tempis and more without a problem. Kathy & Callie, we hope you will enjoy him!

Sold to Kathy Gallagher, Elite Equine Imports (USA 2012)




Bandit (Tenerife x Elmshorn) 6yr old Dressagehorse, gelding

Gorgeous horse, real eyecatcher! Nice mover and supercomfortable to ride.

Sold to the USA (2012)       


Apatro (Placido x Nabuur) 7yr old Hunter, gelding 

Super allround horse, a joy to ride wether it's jumping or dressage. Has nice flat movements, Hunterprospect!

Sold to the USA (2012)


Wyoming (Metall x Lancet) 8yr old Dressagehorse, gelding

Gorgeous, talented dressagehorse! Does some piaffe etc, comfortable and easy to ride.        

Sold to Kathy Gallager, Elite Equine Imports (USA 2011) 


Amélo (Casco x Purioso) 6yr old Jumper, gelding

A wonderful showjumper, great rideability, scopy and super careful. Jumped 1.20m in Holland and is now in Florida doing a great job!

Sold to Tracey Jackson, ARK Partners LLC  (USA 2011) 



Disney (v Walt Disney II), 13yr old Dressage horse, gelding.

Wonderfull schoolmaster, shows Prix St. George.

Sold to Kathy Gallagher, Elite Equine Imports (USA 2011)  


Westen (by Wolkentanz) 6yr old Dressagehorse, gelding

Very talented Dressagehorse, only 6yrs old and doing 3 tempis very easy. Supercomfortable to ride.  

Sold to Kathy Gallager, Elite Equine Imports (USA 2011)      


Wancourt (San Remo x Legaat), 8yr old Dressagehorse, gelding  

Very pretty horse shown FEI juniors and ZZ licht (4th level).

Sold to the USA (2011)


Dynamythe (v Canturano x Voltaire), 3yr old Hunter, gelding

Gorgeous horse, super Hunter in his manners and movement. Specially considering his age!

Sold to Sarah Cressy (USA 2011)


Charlie Browne (v Cor d'Alme), 5yr old gelding showjumper

Here with owner Elissa Reisman (Canada) at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida at a medium amateur/owner jumping class in 2009.



Cassbach (v Cassini), 5 yr old Hunter.

September 24 2011: As youngest competitor became Reserve Champion of a 3ft Classic Hunter Class in Middleburg, Virginia! Congratulations Sarah!! Also watch the video:    

Sold to Sarah Cressy (USA)







Van Couver (Riverman x Havidoff)

9yr old gelding Dressagehorse.

Here in an add of Elite Equine Imports (Kathy Gallager, USA) with Bie de Tiet.




Genius (v Genesis) 6yr old gelding, Hunter prospect 

Sold to Kathy Gallager (Elite Equine Imports, USA)




Bie de Tiet (Lupicor x Legaat) 5 yr old Hunter, gelding

June 22nd 2011: his first show as a Hunter in Fieldstone, Medfield and he won!! Also watch his video:

 Sold to Kathy Gallagher, Elite Equine Imports (USA)



Tribaldi (by Gribaldi) 8yr old Dressagehorse, gelding 

Now shows at Prix St Georges level. Here with Ashley Holzer at the Challenge of the Americas!

Sold to Kathy Gallagher, Elite Equine Imports (USA)





Here with owner Elissa Reisman (Canada) at the Winter Equestrian Festival 2009 in the low amateur/owner class.





Sikandar (Gribaldi x Farrington) 9yr old Dressagehorse, gelding

Sold to Kathy Gallagher, Elite Equine Imports (USA)      



Tigris (v Mondriaan) 

Now performs as a FEI Dressagehorse in the Venezuela National Team!

Sold to Kathy Gallagher, Elite Equine Imports (USA)

2011: selected to compete at the Pan American Games for Venezuela as a Grand Prix combination with his 17yr old rider Maria Waleska Arocha!



Versace (Placido x Sunday Boy)

Sold to the USA 

Shows at Prix St George level and recently (july 2011) scored a 70%!!